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May 14, 2012


Tracy Morrissey

I have this flour and made lovely pancakes with it today and yesterday!
I have never made bread from scratch before but i will definitely give this a go, thanks Val! :)


Alison, this is a great bread and I hope it turned out well for you. As a variation you can add 10g of soaked dislisk which you then chop up and add to the mix before the quick kneading. It gives a subtle flavour and helps keep the bread fresh for longer, plus its really good for you!


I'm a regular baker & bread maker but this is my first time using spelt flour & I have this bread in the oven at the moment, it smells delicious!
I'll have to get some stoneground flour & try your seeded bread, it looks lovely.


Hi Roisín, delighted to hear that you tried the brown spelt, it's my favourite bread of all. This soda one is just amazing in how quick and easy it can be made, that's the real attraction, plus the taste of course! let me know how you get on with the recipe, and if you make any versions of your own I'd love to see them, Val


Your wholemeal/seeded spelt was fantastic so I can't wait to try this one ! Many thanks

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