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October 30, 2011


Denisa Mc Grath

Hey Val how much fresh yeast would you use for your amounts please?


Hi Denise, I'm delighted you like this recipe, it is popular. I find Dunnes is the best and most likely place to have well-priced wholegrain and white spelt. If not, they are good to order stuff in. Keep on baking :)

Denisa Mc Grath

hi Val thanks for lovely recipe for spelt bread, making it second time as it was just so delicious, absolutely love it toasted with just butter and some cheese, yummy and it is healthy too, have to stock up on spelt flour as it is not always in all local supermarkets. thanks again for simple recipe!!!!


Sinead, thanks for your comment. I agree that its nice to see unstyled 'normal' photos and not more shabby chic and kilner jars everywhere. I get the frseh yeast from Country Choice at the Milk Market in Limerick, that shop is open Fri-Sun every week and he, Peter Ward, also has a shop of the same name in Nenagh. If you don't have fresh yeast, the quick one works just as well and is the one I mostly use and you can get it anywhere. Happy baking and let me know how you get on


How refreshing to come across a recipe that not only uses gms and mls (1st page of results all American and in cups) but with a photo of ingredients that could have been taken in my own kitchen! manky tin of treacle included!
Bread in the oven baking. Just one question. Where do you get your fresh yeast? Searched the whole of Cork city but no luck.


@sundry it's great to read that one recipe can kick start a love of baking, it seems you love your food already with all those good, local ingredients. I'd love to see some of your photos and please share your spelt recipe ideas


@Val I am in Ireland. I was so happy with the spelt bread and madeira last weekend, that I bought ingredients and did a version of brownies - Hazelnut brownies, to be exact. However, I used things like organic white spelt flour, organic caster sugar, local honey, organic 70% dark chocolate. They turned out perfectly, if I may say so myself! All that's missing is some ice-cream and a glass of milk :)

I think I am already in love with baking after just three recipes, and it all began with the spelt bread!


Howya lads, delighted people are making this bread, and varying the recipes too. I cant wait to see the photos, Sundryandco, what part of the world are you in?


On Saturday, I brought a print-out of your recipe into the kitchen and baked two brown spelt loaves without the seeds and oats (apart from oats which I scattered on top before placing the tins in the oven) and I was thrilled with the result! It was an extremely manageable recipe (I'm pretty much a beginner baker!). They looked really impressive too - I followed all your instructions about putting the loaves back in the oven for a few minutes to allow them to turn nice and crispy. I ate some of it that day and then sliced the rest and placed it all in the freezer to eat over the next few weeks. During the Christmas holidays, I'll be baking another batch! Next time, I think I will leave out the salt and try a nice sweet loaf to see what it tastes like. By the way, while the bread was baking in the oven, I tried baking a madeira cake using the lemon juice and some of the local honey I had used in the bread - the cake was delicious!

Thanks for a quick, clear and tasty bread recipe. I hope to try more of your recipes. If I upload the bread photos (I was so proud of the loaves, I took about twenty shots from different angles!), I'll send you a link.


Hi Mark
My loaf tins are big, at least 12 inches long so I guess I should have mentioned that. But I'm delighted that you've made the bread, it's so easy and good and something that you can make without fuss on a regular basis
Happy baking

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