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October 30, 2011



Thanks for the great recipe..quick easy and yummy ..Cheers

Clodagh Irish

Hi Val,

Thanks you for posting this recipe :-) I find that wheat bread alternatives in supermarkets are gross!! So it's great to have a spelt recipe (love spelt!)My problem is I'm not allowed to have yeast at the moment, so it it as simple as making the recipe without the yeast, or does it need adapting?


Hi Ger, sorry to hear you got a soggy middle. The most likely culprit is the ovens heat, ovens are temperamental and can vary a lot so I would give the bread a longer bake, try it for an hour, at 180degrees you won't be in any danger if it burning at that temp. Also be sure you leave it to rise long enough before you bake it, ideally until it almost touches the top of the tin. I hope it works out for you next time

Ger griffin

Hi Valerie,I've tried your spelt bread recipe to the letter but the loaf came out soggy in the middle,(1st time ever baking).The loaf looks lovely from the outside,but as I said damp inside,any help would be appreciated,thanks ger.


I tried the recipe and it turned out great! it honestly looked and tasted like a professional loaf of bread!! Thanks so much. By the way, I used the fresh yeast. I will see if it turns out as well when using the powdered version.

Yvonne Kelly

Hi Val, my mix was to dry had 500ml of water what want wrong please, love your site,Yvonne

Min Buggy

Hi, im going to try this spelt recipe today as im finding it hard to stay off bread even when i diet, and ive a big tummy compared to the rest of me! My bro in laws family eat nothing but spelt bread.
anyway my question is.... i have those easy blend yeast sachets. would i add one or two?
i love the fact there's no kneading in this... How does that work!?
thanks again


Sarah B thanks so much for the lovely comment, this is one of my favourite bread recipes for sure and I'm intrigued to see what you've done with it. Nice work and happy baking!

Sarah B

Thank you Val for a wonderful recipe. I've made it a few times now.
The first time I followed the recipe exactly - yummy! Subsequent times I played around with what I had in the pantry - one time I added a handful of sultanas to the sunflower seeds, and another time I used up dried thyme, oregano and basil from the garden with a handful of parmigiano cheese. Great on every occasion... and the freezing tip as that has worked very well too.
Many thanks, Sarah


Hi Denisa
Generally you double the weight for fresh yeast, so use 15g for one loaf or 30g for two

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