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January 28, 2009


Brian Moloney

Thanks for the info guys. I think i'll be going for a bite to eat there soon. Sounds really good and importantly - a bit different than anywhere else, especially pigs trotters.

Cheers & Regards,


Hi Val, Alan from No1 here, just to let brian know the pigs trotters are currently a regular feature on the menu. On another positive note, Romain our barman, won newcomer of the year at the national cocktail championships yesterday at catex, so get yourself down for a "No1" Cocktail


Hi Brian
The menu changes all the time so I guess they might be on another time, better e-mail them about it for sure

Brian Moloney

hey val,

just looked at their menu on their website and no sign of the pigs trotters. were they a special??



I have been planning to go here and was toying with taking hubs for the night. Now you ahve made up my mind, I might be ten minute drive from the hotel, but I must eat and stay there soon! So hungry now, mash and delicious sausage and it's only hlaf ten.


Excellent post Val.
I had a meal there on a christmas night out ,the duck i had was incredible ...i need to go back again for more !.
Patricia was also friendly and very helpful and and I would recommend it for a night out.


The pigs trotter picture looks great!! Not often you'll see that on the menu anywhere. Great to see on the menu. A throwback to yesteryear.


Great review. Really does the place justice. My mouth's still watering after the beautiful meal, not to mention the divinely refreshing cocktail, served by the divinely refreshing cocktail waiter!!! Dee


oh! Envy!


Menu sounds very interesting. Sounds very much like they've put a lot of thought in to it. It's definitely on the 'to do' list so. And fair play for them for doing up such a lovely building and doing it justice.

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