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June 16, 2008


Organ Donor

Yep,im afraid it is..
What is weird though is that i can eat smoked salmon till the cows come home (on farmhouse brown bread and lemon juice) and have tried to taste other fish but to no avail..
I even bought salmon fillets ionce and cooked them and it had the same effect as eating cod or makerel..


Hi Val, Sounds like a great idea, can't wait to read it! :) I have to keep a food diary for my Taekwon-Do training, so I have a feeling yours will be infinitely more interesting than my caloried restricted one.. :(


Hi Guys
Thanks for the nice comments. Phil, I'm intrigued, what's about the fish allergy? Is it really that horrific? Poor you. I love fish more than any other food. Debs yes the diary will be interesting, in that it's so mundane that even I'm intrigued myself. So far today it's been 2 rashers and an egg, two oatmeal muffins and cheese on toast. Nom
Saoisre's food blog will just be Nutella, nutella, nutella


Fantastic post Val. Looking forward to you diary! I had microwave popcorn and Bombay mix for dinner last night! :)

Love that picture btw!

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