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February 25, 2008


the airy fairy

these look great. i like the idea of savoury muffins. i should start exploring that area more. love the close up photo. just makes me wanna sink my teeth into these!


Best of luck at the awards, and I'll see you there!


Hi Phil
Mixing these is really easy, you only need a fork. They are highly addictive and tend to make people behave irrationally so beware.
Deborah these are too yummy, be careful not to eat them all at once. Son No.1 has discovered he likes them and had 3 in one go, but they are handy for the old lunchbox


Wow Val. I would never have thought to replace it with Weetabix. Inspirational I tell you! Looks incredible! Look forward to seeing you this weekend! ;-)

Organ Donor

Thanks for the encouraging comments Val.
I would try this recipe but my record mixing skills far outweigh my pastry mixing skills..
You never know though ...i might just give it a lash..

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