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December 21, 2007


Mixed Drink Recipes

I love Greek food! Someday I'll have to get there. One of my favorite things to do with food I really love is pair it with a palette pleasing drink. http://www.MixedDrinksMadeEasy.com offers hundreds of drink recipes that you can pair with your favorite foods for a real celebration of flavor!

Liam Dillon

Hello Hun

It's been so long since we last met it was great to see you at Dolans's before xmas. Sorry for not ringing you, Xmas was busy with the kids and to short even to remember.

Great to see you back to your roots..Limerick needs more of us Northsiders...

The webpage looks great and I read your Limerick Independent article this week

God help us now your in our living room every week..only joking. Not much news this end work and family life is the norm..we live in Meelick these days Ella is 4 and Karis is 1 keeping us up at night..How are your 2 lads doing..good I hope...will probably chase them from my door some day

Will sign off for now karis needs a nap..so do I but them's the joys

Talk to you soon...Love Liam


FAB pics, and last night was gas! :) Cant believe you 'know' keiths dad! ;)
Just wanted to wish you a very merry christmas and a fabtastic new year :) have a good one love, I wont be on mush over the next week :)

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