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November 04, 2007



I've never been, but now it's next on my list of places to try. And I just found out our departmental Christmas Lunch is on in there... happy days! :)


As regards the quail comment from ItalianFoodie - i take your point and can recommend Brulees quail starter. I really enjoyed the quail there. Market Sq quail was still nice tho.



I was there myself on Sat night after a lot of begging during the week, it's impossible to get a table at the weekend until Christmas!! We ended up in the wine bar but they could have put me in the toilet for all I cared as I hadn't been out in months:) The Market Square always delivers and I agree on the menu, it is a little outdated but I always have the specials too even though I have to say Brian I didn't think the quail was great, a bit bland for my liking! The fillet was excellent though and the brownies were devine even though 1 would have been enough!! We always have the Italian Barberra which is excellent and of course the "ole" G&T on the house always goes down well;)


Was just at Market Sq. this Friday night just gone and twas really very good and worked out at a reasonable enough price too. Quail starter which was yummy and surf and turf mains which was excellent too. Staff were excellent and knew the menu which was nice to see. The turf from the surf and turf was meant to be rare and the Market Sq. produced exactly what was requested, a rare bit of steak.

Couldn't fault the Sq. which as ever had the suitably long list of specials which is really what makes the place as the regular menu doesn't particualarly wow.

Great meal at a very reasonable price considering the quality of food and service.

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