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October 29, 2007


Marc T


congrates on Val's Kitchen - a great addition to food news in Limerick and hopefully elsewhere.

keep up the flow of "news" and congrates to boys on film award - so pleased for you all. Marc
p.s. - can I put your blog reference on my blog?


Made these on Friday night - yum!!!!

Elizabeth Gair

I am going to try it tomorrow
I too liked the programe


Oi where's mine???


I made my way speedily through the slab of these that I got. Thanks again ma!


I can confirm that these were yummy!! (As you said yourself Val, sometimes all you need to say in a review is "yummy")!!!!!!


Oh no you didn't!!! Myself & two friends have vowed to make these since the show on Wednesday... However, I didn't think the recipe would be posted anywhere other than the book. Thanks Val, i'll have these made before the week is out...

Sarah Bell

I saw it on sat too and immediately went and printed the recipe off the internet to make them! I think I will give them a go after pay day ;-)

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