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October 02, 2007



Made the soup on Tuesday evening and have been enjoying it since. The chorizo is a masterstroke. Really adds to the taste. Good ol recipe.



sounding good baby!
you came across really well on da wireless val and once again your passion for food was indeed v. inspiring! had to leave school and sit in my car in the carpark to listen to it while students gave me strange loaner/looser looks!


That makes sense!!

Soup is a great dinner, I'm trying to make it my standard saturday dinner now, get the ingredients in the market in the morning along with some lovely bread and then spend the afternoon making it!!!

Oh and I'm trying to make a different one every week.


Hi Maz
If the soup seems too thick to you then it's too thick. Just add more water or stock slowly until it's a consistency that you like. I often find that when a soup cools and heat it up again it's thicker so I would have to thin it most times, esp a lentil one like this. This is more of a meal soup so it's very handy for a lazy dinner


Question Time??? How thick is too thick (in relation to soup I mean)?? I like it medium thicknes, but the soup I made over the weekend was more like babyfood coz the BoyF wouldn't let me keep at it with the hand held whizzer thing!!

No comments about the "thickness" of the BoyF please??


Hi Sarah

See the last line of the post to figure out the title!



The soup looks lovely & hearty. Funny title to the post!

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