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October 11, 2007



What a great idea! Sounds fun indeed. Well done...


Thanks for being the "hostess with the mostess" Val, food was great especially the mini quiches AND the curry rice AND prawn cocktail and and and!!!:) I was so full I didn't sleep well at all!! Sarah, name the time and date!!!


Hey Val, thanks for a great night! Definitely sign me up for the next get-together, I might even brinkg books or food or whatever excuse we're using next time for good conversation! I'm always happy to eat, and to hear the sound of my own voice, though not at the same time of course...


Hey ma, thanks for a fab night ma! Sarah I'll be more than happy to make my way to your house next time!


Hi everyone an thanks to Lorraine for all the tapenades which I just had for second breakfast. I think I added my link to the interview arse-ways. I have a techy person helping me with some stuff on Monday and I'll sort it out then.


Yep, it was a lovely evening and a great time had by all. I'm happy to have you all back some night in November - might make it a monthly event....


Sounds wonderful Val. I'd love to host one, but something tells me nobody would want to come all the way to Tullamore! ;-) PC won't let me listen to the interview and I missed Lorraine yesterday. Hopeless!


I can confirm that it was a great night, I managed to offload the three books I wanted to (Jamie's Italy - so overrated, Gordan Ramsey - too masculine and a complete cook bible thingy that I'd never opened!!) I do love a de-clutter!

Oh and I hope you're minding my granny's cookbook which I will loan you for a week before I stamp my foot and demand it back ;-)

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