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September 22, 2007



He's my Brian Val!


Hi Brian
Thanks for a great comment, or review! The Onion is fab but I'm never hungry enough to really enjoy the huge portions, still I'll keep trying. Are you Brian and Sarah Brian?


The Wild Onion. I absolutely love this place. One of Limericks' secret treasures. Some of my friends don't like it but i can't fathom how or why not. One commented, "i don't like them sausage burger things and they don't cook their diced spuds enough", my retort "those sausage burgers are bleeding yummy and as for the undercooked spuds, that's how i love diced spuds, with a little bite" The same fella's missy even said she got sick when she was there the last time - i reminded her that she didn't get sick from the food but due to the fact that she drank over a pint of o.j. with said food - crazy fool!!

They have proper condiments on the tables i.e. mustard and tobasco. Even French's Mustard, which i usually despise, works a treat here.

Go to the Wild Onion for the wholesome food but just wear suitably loose pants as you'll need the space.

P.S Am going to Market Square with Sarah from some of the above comments on Friday night. Was faultless the last time we were there with a crazy big Specials list but wasn't blown away at the same time. Here's hoping!!!


Lor, I didn't mention La Piccola or La Cucina as I thought they went without saying!!! La Pic is actually my folks fave restaurant; we've been going there for literally decades on b-days, wedding anniversaries & special occassions. I had my 21st there! They do the best sole on the bone around. Azur came a close second the first time I had it there but the second time it was half the size (price was also reduced)... Boo!!! I said maybe he didn't get the best fish today and Dad said "Alfredo wouldn't have accepted it, he would have just crossed it off the menu for the night"


Hi Lorraine
I haven't tried the burger. Slice of bread eh? Sounds a bit dodgy. La Cucina? Can't say I know it...Why are you never there when I am? Shame on me I still haven't been to La Piccola but I have suggested it to the powers on high


Hi Val. Your post gave me the final push to get into the Wild Onion at long last after Marion's very high recommendations!! We had the burgers, really enjoyed them, not too gone on the old slice of bread though - I do like like lots of carbs with me burger. I'd agree on the hash browns, mine were a little hard. It has a great buzz and lots of character, have to go back for breakfast!! I second the Market Square, really nice couple who own it, ask for Ronan tell him I sent you;)!!Azur was great the first 2 times I went and pretty awful the last time but it could have been a different chef, I'll give it another go! My lord you are missing the 2 most important eating establishments in Limerick - La Piccola Italia and some greasy Italian take-away in Castletroy called La Cucina;)


Thanks for the info ladies
Sarah you are def ready for your own blog. And you have lots of good on-the-ground Limerick info, and I KNOW you make your own jam, where's mine? Here's some suggested blog names TAKE meAWAY, or better still, The EARLY BIRD!
What you think?


Val, Azur is on O'Connel St it's a kind of french bistro style. It's nice, I had a lovely steak there but I know Lorraine had some mediocre experiences there. It's where La Romana used to be!!


Azur is on O'Connell St a few doors down from Luigi Malones. The first few times I went there, I was blown away by the food but I think they were under pressure to lower the prices so they did but they also reduced the portion sizes!
There's also a few good take aways.... Chilli kebabish on Ellen St if you're looking for a greasey kebab made from real meat after the pub. Also, if you like falafel, there's the Cedar house on John St (down from Donkey Fords). I need to start my own blog as I spend so much time commenting on other blogs!


Hi Sarah
Thanks for a great comment. I'm already a regular at Conlon's for my shepherd's pie, he does the best mince, and always sells me just enough spuds too. I'm going to the Market Square next week and have tried lots of the places on your list, but not all. I'll work through it. Where is Azur?

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