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August 15, 2007


liam hickey

Hi Valerie,

That breakfast looks good,well trained lads.
How are all the hickeys in Limerick,i have to look in the mirror to remind myself i am one of them.

liam hickey

lovely pictures of you both


What a way to meet a long-lost relative! I was in Dundrum just before they opened YO! Sushi and it was looking great at that stage.


"Wild and fun characters", eh? That's ONE way of putting it, alright...What is it with us and random guys called David? Wasn't Mr Cocktail Tab called Dave too? Dave magnets.


Hi Girls
Would you believe I havn't been to the crescent but am sure I'll cry when I do. I'm living in the city centre and after Dublin I even fine lunch in the Clarion Cheap so it's ok for now. I'm keen to try Munchy Munchy where the chinese people go. Who's up for a Dim Sum Sunday sometime?


The Crescent is seriosuly lacking a decent food outlet isn't it??? I keep walking past that centre piece place and wishing it was something else - even a TGI fridays or something!


goodness i love that story, i though myself and my friend m were the only ones that made those sort of random connections!
spotted the new yosushi myself in the mecca last week will def give a try now .. i wonder if any of my long lost cousins work there :)


Wow! how mad is that?? I love stories like that! I think you may have Dundrum withdrawal when you're trying to chose between KFC or Eddie Rockets on late night shopping Thurs in the Crescent;)

Sarah Bell

A small world indeed!! I'm sure Ireland has an incest problem, everyone from Ireland I meet anywhere in the world I think there is about 3 degrees of separation between us ;-)

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