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November 12, 2006



Hi Colin
Snap! I got the bowls in this pic from Cholon Market http://www.valskitchen.com/vals_kitchen/2007/01/ver_lazy_chicke.html, what a place. I got 6 of everything, bowls, spoons, rice bowls, little dishes etc, wrapped the up and posted them home. Still have everything and we use them all the time. Have a look at my Vietnam coffee post too

Toasted Special

Looks like a great recipe, Val. I'm a bit of a chicken noodle soup afficionado myself. I combed Saigon (in fact most of SE Asia!) looking for the right size melamine bowl to bring home for my soup. I eventually got some great ones in Cholon market.

To be honest, the thoughts of trying to recreate "pho bo" scares me. The few recipes I've seen involve boiling brisket and 4 stone of beef bones for a week! A little too much effort for me. It's on my to-do list though; if I come across a good beef soup recipe I'll send it on.

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