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February 25, 2009


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Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.


Hi Edie
Just toast it and butter it and you're good to go


Val, You're absolutely right. When it was warm from the oven, I cut it into thick slabs and slathered it with butter and topped it with cheese. It was awesome! Yesterday, the bread was still good (I used your tip about the wet tea towel while the bread was cooling and then stored it in a sealed bag), so I was able to cut it into very thin slices for sandwiches. Question though: you mentioned in the video that it's best eaten the day it's made (or soon after). What do you do with the leftover bread? I have a little left over and I hate to waste it.

Thanks again for the recipe.


Hi Edie
I'm so glad to hear that, it's what it's all about after all
Isn't this a low-fat recipe? I guess that goes out the window as you must it slathered in melting butter and cheddar cheese!


I stumbled on your blog, saw this recipe, watched the video and had to make the bread. I've tried other soda bread recipes but the crust is usually rock hard when it cools so I end up trashing the bread. Your recipe worked perfectly -- the bread tastes great, which is probably not a great thing for my weight watcher plan (lol). Thanks for sharing the recipe.


It really is a great recipe Valerie. Thank you so much for entering it into our competition.

Good to see you are on Twitter. I will follow you now.




Hi Guys
Thanks, just waiting for my Da to put up some shelves to make the kitchen look more fancy and I'll do more vids, any requests?


Great - your best blog post to date! I had a good laugh at your piss take of that over-used "cheffy" presentation too :)


yay - very good! You're a natural Val:)

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